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Brooke Johnson presents her very own Trudeau Stories


WOLFVILLE, NS - Valley Summer Theatre has an intimate winner in Trudeau Stories running until Aug. 13.

This unique production, written and performed by Brooke Johnson, began back in 1985, when she was a student at National Theatre School in Montreal. There Johnson became friends with former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
Through reminiscences, journal entries and correspondence, she gives us her personal insight into the man and the times. We all knew the public Trudeau, but it is the private one that Johnson shows us in her beautifully presented tale.
This unlikely twosome stayed in contact, if intermittently, for years before Trudeau died in 2000. They dined on peanut butter and toast, went canoeing, talked about poetry and slid down an icy Montreal sidewalk like a couple of kids.
When she plays Trudeau, Johnson gives us the cadence of his voice, and his famous shrug. She also makes it clear that Trudeau, former PM or not, was a shy man with an unexpected streak of humility.
This remarkable story one-woman show about a surprising friendship has been dubbed poignant since it premiered in Toronto in 2007. Well worth catching.
Tickets for all performances are available at Valley Summer Theatre toll-free 1-877-845-1341, through
TicketPro toll-free at 1-888-311-9090, online at, and at all Atlantic TicketPro locations. Group pricing is available. Visit for information and performance times.


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