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Guitarist Lloyd Spiegel touring Berwick and Meteghan

Guitarist Lloyd Spiegal is touring this area this week.
Guitarist Lloyd Spiegal is touring this area this week.

BERWICK, NS - For over 26 years, Australian acoustic blues guitarist and singer Lloyd Spiegel has been performing his hard-hitting, cutting edge brand of blues all over the world, including sold-out shows in Tokyo and with frequent visits to Europe, New Zealand and the United States.

With the release of his new album, This Time Tomorrow, set for release internationally, Spiegel is touring Ontario and the East Coast.
He will perform on Saturday, Sept. 16 at the Union Street Café in Berwick and then on Sept. 17 in Meteghan River.
Known for his passionate, powerful performances and command of his instrument, Spiegel is approaching icon status in Australia among guitar aficionados. His 2015 double live album Double Live Set won several Australian blues awards and landed on the Australian independent music charts.
This Time Tomorrow was written as he travelled through Europe, Central and North America and delivers driving rhythms that return Spiegel to his gut bucket blues roots.
Shady and colourful characters spread out over continents and decades, through places forgotten and familiar. The new album is a return in fine form from an artist at the top of his game, and lead track ‘Devil on My Shoulder’ sets the mood of the album right from the get-go.
Says Spiegel of the new songs, “I’ve never written at home. I find it hard to be creative in my lounge room looking at bills and checking footy scores - and find that the inspiration to write comes from those few quiet hours in a hotel room on tour, the airport transit lounge or the long bus ride. This is where I can reflect and put those experiences into lyrics. I've travelled most of my life so really, they're like letters home.”
Decades of experience on the road and prodigious talents as a guitarist, singer and songwriter have moulded Lloyd Spiegel into one of the best blues artists of this generation.


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