Kentville Tim Hortons proposal: More perking, less parking?

Jennifer Hoegg
Published on November 6, 2012

By Jennifer Hoegg

A proposal from Tim Hortons would shrink available parking in Kentville, but could alleviate early-morning traffic congestion.

An owner of the Aberdeen Street and Station Lane drive-thru wrote to town council Oct. 18 expressing interest in buying land west of the current drive-thru lane.

“As you are likely aware, at peak times vehicle stack out onto the street from this location,” Les Falconer wrote in the letter.  “For this reason, we would like to acquire additional land and extend our drive-thru stacking lane further back on the property.”

The letter includes two rough plans for the expansion: one would eliminate 10 all-day parking spaces; the other would eliminate 15.

Falconer asked council to advise him how much the price of land would be and noted any offer would be subject to the approval of the restaurant chain’s head office.

When the letter was presented to council Nov. 5, chief administrative officer Mark Phillips said he suggested, “we bring it forward as correspondence, but it likely deserves more discussion at a different setting.”

A motion was made to invite Falconer to present the proposal at a council advisory committee meeting.

During the discussion, Deputy Mayor Pearl pointed out to the audience that Kentville has a policy where neighbouring property owners are notified when a town parcel of land is up for sale.

“If any other interested adjoining property owners came forward, they would receive equal consideration on an issue like this,” Pearl said.

“Maybe we’re jumping the gun moving ahead too quickly,” Coun. Eric Bolland said. “Having Mr. Falconer come in knowing we have other steps to deal with first… regarding adjacent land owners?”

“We’ll let him do his presentation see if we’re interested in his presentation,” Mayor Dave Corkum replied. “If we were, we would have to do the due diligence and send it out. Maybe after his presentation we would not be interested.”

Council voted to invite Falconer to give a presentation.

The next council advisory committee meeting is scheduled for Nov. 13 at 1:30 p.m. in council chambers.