Urgent action needed on Nova Scotia's economy: Ivany

Published on February 12, 2014

Ray Ivany

Today, after over a year of consultation across the province, the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy released its final report: “Now or Never – An Urgent Call To Action for Nova Scotians.”


During the public engagement sessions, the commission met with over 1,700 participants in 35 public meetings across the province, and engaged in over 20,000 online interactions through the Commission website, Facebook, twitter and email.


“The evidence is clear - Nova Scotia hovers on the brink of an extended period of decline,” said commission chair and Acadia president Ray Ivany. “We learned that the province’s economy today is barely able to support our current standards of living and public services, and will be much less so in the future unless current economic and population trends are reversed.


“At the same time, we saw many exemplary enterprises, met many great entrepreneurs, and learned about the significant assets and opportunities we have to support a much stronger economy. What’s been missing on the part of leaders in all sectors, not just government, is the shared vision and commitment to make it happen.”


Within the report, the commission identifies 19 specific goals and 12 game changing strategies for transformative change and renewal.  The proposed goals include a variety of initiatives, including expanded immigration, business and trade expansion, enhanced research and development, labour force development and revitalization of traditional rural industries.


“There is a profound need for Nova Scotians to come together around a shared vision for a better future,” said Ivany. “We are not doomed to permanent have-not status. We have more than sufficient assets, resources and capabilities to turn things around in Nova Scotia.”


The report outlines how, in an improving macroeconomic climate, driven by expanding global trade, Nova Scotia has the assets, opportunities, institutional capacities and human capital to turn around its current outlook and build a much more positive future.


“We can do better – with a concerted, province-wide and sector inclusive commitment to economic growth,” he added. “This is the challenge we call upon Nova Scotians to take up.”


The final report is available online at http://noworneverns.ca/.