History made as Kings County voters elect Muttart first mayor

Kirk Starratt kstarratt@kingscountynews.ca
Published on October 15, 2016

KINGS COUNTY - Political history has been made in the Municipality of the County of Kings.

In the Oct. 15 municipal election, for the first time, voters have elected a mayor at large. Peter Muttart came out on top with 5,683 votes. Dick Killam received 3,268 votes, Rick Ackland 1,133 and Laurie Porter 1,039.

Muttart said he wanted to thank all the volunteers that stood behind him during the campaign and all the electors that got out to vote. He said he looked forward to seeing the final tally for percentage of voter turnout and he’s hopeful it’s “more than is customary.”

Muttart said he wants to thank all the councillors who were defeated for running good races. He’s already been reaching out to those councillors who have been elected.

Muttart said he’s really looking forward to sitting at the table as an equal with those councillors, making the decisions that need to be made to “raise the bar” in Kings County.

“I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing the bar raised and that’s why the voters were out,” Muttart said. “Thank you to all of those folks and let’s do some good things.”

He said he believes the citizens are aware of the potential of the County of Kings, potential that has yet to be realized, and “there’s so much farther to go.”

“I know that the folks that have been elected to this new council have that same vision to take the council, to take the county, forward and upward,” Muttart said. “We’ve got so many assets in this county it’s unbelievable and now we’ve got some assets around the table that are prepared to lift us all up.”

Muttart said his first order of business as mayor would be to get the council to be respectful of one another. He believes they will be but said they have to have that conversation because “it’s a new era” in terms of respect and cooperation.

Also of note, the two longest serving members of Kings County council have been defeated. Wayne Atwater, who was first elected in 1991, was defeated in District 4 by former Kingston village commission chairwoman Martha Armstrong. Atwater received 508 votes to Armstrong’s 603.

In District 5, Paul Spicer defeated the second longest reigning councillor, Warden Diana Brothers, who was first elected in 1994. Spicer also defeated former councillor Ted Palmer and Jeffrey Robar. Spicer garnered 395 votes. Brothers received 303, Robar 238 and Palmer 235.

Click here for the unofficial vote tallies.