Help needed: Influx of birds, small pets after surrender leaves Kings SPCA scrambling

Published on January 11, 2017

A number of birds and small animals were seized recently by the SPCA in Kings County and now donations are being sought to care for them.

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WATERVILLE NS - The Kings SPCA shelter is in need of donations to care for a large number of birds and pocket pet after a surrender this week.


An SPCA spokesperson said the shelter does not generally care for such small animals and "we now find ourselves in desperate need of donations.

Taken into the Waterville shelter were two rabbits, two dogs, eight budgies, a dove, a cockatiel and two kinds of guinea pigs.

Among the items needed are: cuttle bones, mineral blocks, spray millet, budgie seeds, cockatiel seeds, dove seed mix, as well as rabbit and guinea pig pellets, other supplies, romain lettuce and carrots.

The surrender to the investigators followed a complaint.

Const. Joanne Landsberg said the owner was overwhelmed and had good intentions.

"They were in good shape and this is often the case," she said.

Landsberg added,  "you can imagine we're not used to stocking vegetables."

The Kings shelter indicated that it is always looking for any donations.

The shelter is located at 1285 County Home Road in Waterville.