Here's five not so known things about Kings South candidates

Published on May 19, 2017

KINGS South - We asked our Kings South MLA candidates to put the political rhetoric aside for a moment and share five interesting facts about themselves.

They happily obliged, offering both informative – and sometimes amusing – personal details. Read more here:
Peter Harrison – Progressive Conservative

- I first started hanging up election posters at age 12 with my Dad, Reg
- My first job was as a special constable with the Hantsport Police
- I met my wife, Dana, at a church youth activity
- I have been involved in the operation of Kingswood Camp
- I admit to being a work-a-holic
Joel Hirtle - Atlantica Party

- I still hold the record at New Germany Rural High School for selling the most fundraising chocolate bars
- While studying at Acadia University I met his future wife
- I worked at the iconic video store in Wolfville Light & Shadow
- I likes learning and have built a couple of 3-D printers
- I enjoy maker projects and the philosophy behind them despite the fact most turn into toys for my son

Keith Irving - Liberal

- I was a page in the PEI Legislature at age 12
- I taught English in the Cameroon bush for four months after graduating and it “changed my life”
- As an architect, I contributed toward the design of Nunavut Legislature
- I had a dog team for 17 years in the north and named my dogs after Boston Red Sox players
- My bucket list of trips includes visits to the ports of call his seafaring great great grandfather stopped at

Sheila Richardson - Green Party

- I am working on a postgraduate degree in theology
- I lead Dances of Universal Peace locally and love to Contra dance
- I have been been a teacher in both England and Northern Ireland
- I have a sewing business called Rainbow Stitches
- I have a strong interest in mediation and conflict resolution

Stephen Schneider – NDP

- I once sold encyclopedias door to door and unwittingly worked at a bootleg salmon fishery in B.C.
- I love hockey and won a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. I still play on two different teams
- I’m a big fan of blues, jazz and rock music
- I am fond enough of muscle cars made before 1980 to know details like engine size and horse power
- I wrote a history of organized crime in Canada called ‘Iced.’ Iced is a term for getting wacked or murdered.