Martial arts coming to Brier Island for first time

Published on July 10, 2017

Denny Welch is bringing martial arts, specifically Schizen Den Ryu, to Brier Island for the first time.


Westport, NS – On July 17, Brier Island will experience something it’s never experienced before: martial arts.

Denny Welch is originally from Westport and currently lives in Arviat, Nunavut.

He has returned this summer and brought his martial arts training with him, offering a week of classes from July 17 to 21 in Schizen Den Ryu, a form of martial arts stylistically similar to jiu jitsu.

Welch is looking forward to bringing this unique form of sport and art to the island.

“I am the first one doing this, but I’m looking at it from an egocentric perspective. I just want as many people as possible to try this out and to experience it,” he said.

The Schizen Den Ryu martial art form is currently most popular in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, according to Welch. He wants to help expand it’s reach into eastern Canada.

The martial art uses efficient and natural body movements for self-defence and has roots in ancient Samurai traditions, among others.

According to Welch, techniques used in the art can also help combat stress with proper posture and balancing.

“We want to make sure anyone participating will get quality training they can really put to use. It’s pretty great to be the pilgrim bringing it to the people out here,” he said.

Classes will be held at 21 Water Street in Westport. A rain location is to be determined.

Instructor Lee Smith of Schizenden Ryu Tengu Dojo in Moncton will be teaching the seminars along with some of his students.

Anyone looking to camp can do so for free on the property, which has ocean views a-plenty.

Welch emphasized that no experience is necessary and that anyone interested is welcomed and encouraged to attend the seminar.

“We would be excited even just for one person to come and learn. It’s not about the commerciality of it,” he said.

For price information, email Denny Welch at