New Minas girl wins medal at national karate tournament

Published on March 10, 2017

New Minas teen Adee Burgess brought home a bronze medal after competing at a national karate tournament with Team Nova Scotia recently.

©Jennifer Vardy Little

NEW MINAS, NS - Adee Burgess has a hook at home where she hangs the medals she’s won for karate. It’s overflowing right now – especially since she added to her collection with a special piece of hardware recently at the Canadian karate nationals.

Burgess, 14, won a bronze medal in her weight class recently after travelling to Quebec with Team Nova Scotia – one of nine medals the small contingent of 13 athletes brought home from nationals.

“This one’s special,” the New Minas teen says with a smile. “I’m going to need a new hook.”

This was Burgess’ second time at nationals, and she was pleased with her showing in the cadets 54+ kilogram class.

“I think I did well, definitely better than last year,” she said.

Burgess went into the bouts with a plan to be a more aggressive competitor, at it paid off. Of her four fights, she won two and lost two – and the first loss was a very close match that was decided by a single point.

That bout was a rematch against the same competitor from Manitoba she had lost to last year as well.

“She was smaller than me last year but had a huge growth spurt,” Burgess said. “She scored late in the match and it went to the judge’s decision and she ended up winning it.”

That was a disappointment, she admits, but she’s happy with her showing.

“It was really exciting,” Burgess said. “At the end of the tournament, they were having the medal ceremony and everything in there was so loud I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I heard my name on the microphone and didn’t hear what they said, but everyone was congratulating me and telling me to go up.”

Burgess is already eyeing nationals next year, which will be held in Halifax. Team Nova Scotia, she says, will plan to have a larger contingent there, and she’s excited that her friends and family won’t have to travel so far to watch her compete.

But there are plenty of competitions coming up before that. Burgess still has a shot at going to the Junior Pan Am Games if the first and second place competitors in her category aren’t able to attend, and in June, she’ll head to Toronto for national junior training. Before that, she’s set to compete closer to home at an all-day karate tournament at Horton April 8.